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Our Story

In 1928 my Grandfather, Lester Hohenadel, was working as a pretzel salesman distributing to small local businesses in the greater Akron area. Times were lean and although the pretzel sale was strong it was not enough money to make his bills. He needed to add something to his list of items to sell and since some of his accounts had inquired about chocolates he approached London’s chocolate company and began to distribute their candies. My grandfather was a good salesman and he was selling a lot of chocolates. When he asked London’s to increase his supply, they declined. My Grandfather had established a relationship with one of the future heirs of the London’s chocolate company – Harry. At that time Harry was looking for a change away from Akron. Since grandfather could not get enough chocolates from London’s and since Harry was looking for a new adventure they decided to move to Toledo Ohio and start a candy company. It was here that my grandfather learned the trade of candy making from Harry. Shortly after they started the company the Great Depression struck and forced the closure of their company, sending Harry back to work for his father and my grandfather back to Barberton Ohio. However, the seed of the chocolate business had been planted in his mind and would grow into one of Akron’s largest candy manufactures with production during our peak of 3000 pounds per day!
Once back in the Akron area, my grandfather decided to apply his new found skill of chocolate making and began to produce his own line of chocolates and re-establishing his former accounts. He used the metro busing system and hand delivered orders throughout Akron carrying load after load to various businesses. During this time he also began to develop another very important relationship with yet another London family member. Her name was Nellie and she was the sweetest London he had ever met. Shortly after his start up of Honadles he married Nellie London and no doubt she became an important piece to the success of the Honadles candy company. Not only did she bring her experience into the business she also brought eight Hohenadel children whom eventually all worked for the company as we expanded to 15 stores and began to sell in three states. One of the eight is my father, Paul Hohenadel, who worked his way up to vice president of manufacturing and is now passing on his experience and skills to his son as we restart our tradition again.

Clearly, times have changed and the way business is run today is not the same as it was in my father’s day. However, some things never change and thus our slogan – “A Timeless Tradition, Taste The Difference – Honadles” – is applicable. We bring back to the market our original recipes and customer service to introduce an old fashion product to an increasingly modern world. We are committed to excellence and look forward to serving the community once again.

Bob Hohenadel